Business Coaching

Running a 24 hours restoration business can be a lot to juggle. From marketing and operations to logistics and systems, every part of your business needs to be in sync to reduce turn around time and stress and improve customer and employee success. Let RT&C help you get or keep your business on track. Whether an entire business needs a tune-up or one department, we will work together with your leadership team and departments to create systems that work. Operating at the highest level takes planning and execution, and with our experience, we can help you hit your targets. 

Business coaching is tailored to your business. Before recommending any actions we will understand your business, weaknesses and strengths before working with you to create a plan. Every business is different, and together, we create a plan that will work for you. 

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Backend Operations


Backend operations are what keep your business up to date and moving forward. RT&C will help you master your backend operations including data management, sub-contractors, timelines, and job progress. 

Keeping your equipment clean, safe and ready to mobilize, coupled with consumables and PPE management can be a challenge. Add team members, on call rotations, vehicle maintenance, sub-contractors, contents and there is a lot to keep track of. We will help you develop a logistics plan so nothing is forgotten and your business can run smoothly. 

Field Operations


Field operations is a key aspect of your restoration business. We will work with your leadership team and department managers to identify areas that need improvement. Working together with your team, we will create a plan of action to make your field operations running smoothly and have departments running cross functionally. 

Systems are key to keeping your business on track. From vehicles maintenance programs to equipment tracking and moisture logs to job progress reporting, systems are used in every area of your business. identifying systems that work for your business will increase margins and keep your team focusing on what matters most. 

Take your business to the next level.