Team Building

Building a strong team starts at the top. We know firsthand how important leadership, culture, and employee experience are to a team being in sync. RT&C will do a full audit of each of the aforementioned items and work with your leadership and team to create a customized plan to reduce pain points and increase effectiveness.

Leadership Training

An effective team starts at the top. As a leader you have people depending on you. We will work with your leadership team to identify and eliminate issues increasing effectiveness and the wellbeing of your business.

Culture Coaching

A culture of integrity, family, and care needs to be promoted at the top and created by everyone. A suffering company can often be traced to a poor culture.

RT&C will conduct a culture audit, speaking with leadership and employees to identify pitfalls and issues within the company culture and working together, create a plan to eliminate those issues and bring back a purposeful culture.

Employee Experience

With the long days the restoration industry brings, having a great employee experience will show your leadership teams cares. Loyalty to and from your team is the single best thing to promote culture and bring success to everyone. – RT&C will look at company policies, benefits, perks and pay scales. Identifying the best and worst parts of employees jobs will allow a company to highlight the pros, and eliminate the cons. – There is more to a great employee experience than benefits and pay. Creating a work place your team wants to be a part of includes support from leadership, advancement opportunities, company outings and so much more.

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Let’s create a great place to work.