Frequently Asked Questions

After registering for the course, you will receive an email with a link to the IICRC to register and pay for the exam.

You will receive a link to register for the exam after registering for a WRT course. 

You can take the exam after class ends. You will receive an email from the IICRC after class notifying you that the exam is open. You have 45 days after class ends to take the exam. 

The exam is completed online. 

To take the exam, you must be present for the entire course. 

To receive CEC’s you must be present for the number of hours needed. 

We currently do not offer a Spanish WRT course, however you can take the exam in English or Spanish. 

All classes listed are in Pacific Standard Time. If you are in another time zone, you will need to convert the time to that time zone. 

All IICRC WRT classes receive PDF versions of the course manual, psychrometric chart, formulas chart and multiple class reviews. An IICRC S500 is NOT included in the seat price, however you can add an S500 during the registration process or purchase one here.