Project Consulting

Project Consulting For Contractors

No two property restoration projects are the same. We offer project consulting to contractors for all sizes of water restoration jobs. We work with you to create a plan to restore the property to pre-loss state. When challenges present themselves, let our industry experts help you find a solution.

Project Consulting For Insurance Professionals

As an insurance professional, your job is to make sure your clients are taken care of and their properties are restored quickly and correctly. When disputes come up prior, during or after a contractor completes a restoration project, our experts can provide guidance, estimate review, consulting and expert witness testimony.

We often work with insurance professionals to review contractors work, submitted estimates and paperwork, and can provide guidance based on the IICRC S500 and S520 standards.

Estimate Review

Both contractors and insurance professionals strive for accurate estimates based on the project and IICRC standards. Accurate estimates help contractors get paid quicker, allow insurance professionals to issue payment faster, and take the headache out of back and forth. 

RTI provides estimate review and support. Prior to contractors submitting an estimate, or prior to insurance payment issued, let us review the estimate to be sure all parties are taken care of.