Tools From Class

Tools From Our WRT Class

Below are many of the items, equipment and tools used or demonstrated in class. Please note, if you click on a link and purchase a product from Amazon, we may receive a commission. (Click image to go to product)



Flir IR iPhone Camera

Bent Paint Scraper (Remove baseboard without damaging drywall)

Flir IR C3 Camera

Carpet Awl (Remove Carpet from tack strip)

HydroSensor II

Knee Kicker (Remove Carpet from tack strip, use with carpet awl)

ZipWall System

GFCI/Outlet Tester

RE-U-ZIP System

KETT Saw (Great for drywall demo)

Drip Pan for Dehumidifier

Laser Tape Measure


Phoenix Equipment

Delmhorst Moisture Meter

Protimeter Moisture Meter

DRIEAZ Equipment

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the items above are qualifying purchases. While we do link to products on Amazon, these are products we use and were discussed in class.