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Water Restoration Technician

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"Mr. Darren Foote was phenomenal. He was clear and concise on just about everything. I would highly recommend anyone taking the IICRC WRT Course have Darren."
Seth S.

What You Will Learn In WRT!

This IICRC WRT course will give you basic skills in water damage restoration. Earn an IICRC certification after successfully passing a post-course exam. Now available through a live stream course!


Protecting yourself, others and the job site
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Immunizations Equipment Safety Identifying potential on-the-job hazards


Preventing further damage
Locating the source Protecting structure, furniture and other contents


Develop a scope of work
Determining migration of water Evaluating class and category of water loss Understanding materials: Carpet, pad, flooring, sub-flooring, walls, etc. Drying methods

Water Extraction

Removing water from the structure
Extraction Tools Methods and Disposal

Moisture Levels

Measure and monitor moisture levels
Moisture levels in materials and using Mositure Meters


Calculate needs and install equipment
Equipment types Equipment quantity and placement Monitoring progress Reconfiguring and adjusting equipment


Return to pre-loss condition
Repairs Cleaning Resetting contents

Drying Science

Understand the science behind effective drying
Measure and Monitor moisture levels in the air using Psychrometry


"I would just say from a personal level, I deeply valued and appreciated Darren and Josh's professionalism and their ability to communicate the materials in a way you understood it."
David S.


The IICRC has approved online learning for the WRT certification for the first time. Register for one of our live-stream virtual courses and complete your certification from the comfort of your home or office! 

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Our live-stream courses give you the convenience of distance learning combined with the full course experience. Interact with your instructor and fellow students, ask questions, and engage in discussions.


Our WRT courses are offered in multiple formats to make earning your certification easy. Find a class that works with your schedule! We offer 5 half-day classes and 3 full-day classes. 

What Will You Get From WRT?

>WRT Certification After successfully passing the exam, you will receive your IICRC WRT certification card, certificate and paperwork to set yourself apart.

>Opportunity to use the IICRC certified firm logo When you earn your certification, and fulfill a few other requirements, you can apply to use the IICRC Certified Firm logo and distinguish your business!

>Course manual and documents You will have access to our PDF course manual, class exercises and reviews to prepare you for the exam, and real world applications. 

>Training videos You will get access to our online WRT class review videos that discuss everything we went over in class to help you solidify your understand of restorative drying!

>Expert Instructors Our world class, industry expert instructors create an uplifting learning environment where each student can thrive and learn using their years of hands on experience to help you!

>Continue your education with further certifications A WRT certification is just the starting point for your industry education. The WRT certification is a pre-requisite for many more IICRC certifications!